Why You Should Join Us

Who should join?

Listen – the Yacht Club isn’t for everyone. In fact, to make sure it stays as valuable as it is, I try to make sure only those who will get a lot out of it will join.

The Yacht Club is NOT for you if…

  • You’re not sure what business you want to build yet.
    If that’s you, my Fierce Clarity course is a better starting point. For the Yacht Club to help, you should be actively building a business already – no matter how small.
  • You want “magic bullets” and “get-rich-quick” schemes.
    I teach systems – not magic. You should be ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work to get the results.
  • You’re a “lone wolf” type/you don’t want to contribute.
    The Yacht Club is all about community, sharing, and growing together with people like you. If you’d rather go it alone, this group is not a good fit.


The Yacht Club is for you if…

  • You want to GROW your income and you’re serious about making it happen.
    You’re ready to do the work and implement, and you get that entrepreneurship isn’t easy.
  • You want PROVEN advice, tools, and systems to build your business.
    You’re not interested in the untested, nice-sounding-but-ultimately-useless stuff. You want to build a business that lasts.
  • You’re excited about joining a community of like-minded peers.
    The thought of sharing, learning and growing with others like you gets you fired up. You’re ready to contribute, be vulnerable and share, knowing the community is about giving as much as it is taking.
  • You LOVE learning from webinars, videos, real-time chats and coaching.
    You’re good at listening, taking notes and showing up for live events – but you also don’t mind going back and absorbing information on your own time.
  • You want to SAVE 50% on all Nicole Walters courses and products for life.
    Because who doesn’t love a bargain?

If that’s you, the Yacht Club is the difference-maker you’ve been waiting for.